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Healthcare-associated infections in postoperative patients with intracranial aneurysm in Ukraine
Aidyn G. Salmanov, Dmytro V. Shchehlov, Maryna Mamonova, Oleh E. Svyrydiuk, Ihor M. Bortnik, Nadiia B. Chabanovych, Yaroslav E. Kudelskyi, Oleksandr P.Kovalenko, Daria Chekhunova

Effects of exercise training after acute coronary syndromes in octogenarians – prospective 12-month evaluation
Hanna Rymuza, Justyna Mączyńska, Natasza Krauze, Ilona Kowalik, Edyta Smolis-Bąk, Andrzej Ciszewski, , Hanna Szwed, Rafał Dąbrowski

Histological and immunohistochemical characteristic of the gingival stroma in the portion of the third molars in children of various age
Oksana I. Godovanets, Igor S. Davydenko, Taras I. Muryniuk, Larysa Ya. Fedoniuk

Features of d-vitamin status in young children in the Kazakh population
Akmaral Zhumalina, Irina Kim, Balash Tusupkaliev, Mairamkul Zharlykasinova, Botagoz Zhekeyeva

Expression features of T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes and macrophages in the post-traumatic regenerate of the mandible rats under conditions of filling a bone defect with hydroxyapatite-containing osteotropic material and thymalin injecting the surrounding soft tissues
Andrii A. Boiko, Vladislav A. Malanchuk, Mykhailo S. Myroshnychenko, Olena V. Markovska, Anton S. Shapkin, Dmytro I. Marakushyn

Design, synthesis, insilco study and biological evaluation of new isatin-sulfonamide derivatives by using mono amide linker as possible as histone deacetylase inhibitors
Ammar Abdul Aziz Alibeg, Mohammed Hassan Mohammed

Gender and age-related features of anxiety and depressive symptoms in patients in the acute phase of COVID-19
Iryna Mudrenko, Vitalii Mudrenko, Oksana Kolenko, Anastasia Kotkova, Ludmyla Kiptenko

Physicochemical properties as a function of lomefloxacin biological activity
Noor H. Naser, Falah S.A. Suhail, Sahar A. Hussein, Shakir Shinawa Salih

Optimization of the clinical diagnostic examination algorithm of patients with a cross bite complicated by cranio-mandibular dysfunction and postural disorder
Lyubov Smaglyuk, Anna Karasiunok, Nelia Kulish, Anastasiia Liakhovska, Hanna Voronkova, Alevtyna Bilous, Valeriy Smaglyuk

Evaluation of normal range of serum 25 hydroxyvitamin d in iraqi healthy adults: demographic and socioeconomic effects
Basil E. Al-Hadithy, Basil OM Salih, Zainab Nazar Hasan Anber, Nazar S Al-Hadad

Comparative study of oral microbiota in the experimental long-term opioid exposure, after its withdrawal and the use of complex drug correction
Volodymyr B. Fik, Roman P. Krynytskyi, Olha V. Dudok, Мariіa V. Podolіyk, Myroslava A. Kosiuta, Larysa Ya. Fedoniuk

Causes and management of Pica disorder among central Iraqi peoples
Mohammed Rasool, Mahmood Jawad, Shathel Khalaf Noman, Mohammed Ejerish

Immunohistochemical study of CD74 biomarker in normal and malignant breast tissues
Hayder Neamah Hassan, Rouaida Kadhim A. Al-Hussein, Asmehan Adnan Al-Naqeeb


Platelet-Rich Plasma – a remedy present in every human being. History, functioning, and the benefits of therapy using it
Monika Prokurat, Katarzyna Grudnik, Wojciech Niemczyk, Stanisław Niemczyk, Mateusz Migas, Karolina Wągrowska, Karolina Lau, Janusz Kasperczyk

The right to know from the opt-out effectiveness system perspective in organ transplantation cases
Daniela Kokina, Karina Palkova


The study of dental status through determination of the degree of preservation of paleoanthropological material
Lyudmyla Kaskova, Nataliia V. Yanko, Andrii Artemyev, Olha Andriyanova

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